Vision, Mission, Values etc – SWADEPA

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To be the political party of choice that:

  • Guarantees multiparty democracy:
  • Restores democracy and good governance,
  • Advocates for Dynamic Economic growth and sustainable development,
  • Subscribes to Peace, Stability, Respect for the rule of law, Human rights, Civil Liberties and Equality.
  • Respecting culture, tradition and environment
  • Upholding the dignity of person and Social Justice in full respect to the principle of transparency and accountability to the electorate.


Our mission is to become the best political party:

  • Optimum adherence to democratic values,
  • Participatory policy formulation through dialogues and debates with stakeholders and concerned citizens.
  • Ensuring good corporate governance principles.
  • Efficient service delivery ,
  • Respecting fundamental rights and civil liberties,
  • Unequivocally subscribing to Separation of powers and equality before the law
  • Embarking on multi-pronged programs and strategies for the acquisition and insurance of sustainable economic and social development of the people, with full respect for the dignity of person.


Our values vest in serving people with respect, commitment, selflessness, honesty and integrity based on mutual trust, sensitive responsiveness and responsibility, whilst remaining accountable and transparent in our dealings with the issues of the electorate, debating and resolving all issues through meaningful result oriented dialogue


  • That democracy and equality are the best benchmarks within which any credible political party can operate.
  • That strategic alliance can be formed with likeminded organizations.
  • That political action is central to the achievement of a fair and just society.
  • That Diasporas deserve recognition.
  • That in Democracy, the rule of law, separation of powers and social justice are very critical pillars to the acquisition of sustained social progress and development.
  • That achievement of social and economic justice, community development and freedom are the hallmarks of democracy.
  • Believe in the right of all citizens to participate fully in society and develop their personal and social identity in a Swaziland that is truly democratic, fair and inclusive.


  • A democratic political home for all who identify with its vision, goals and principles, founded on the belief that Swaziland is for all who live in it and should all enjoy universal freedoms without fear or favour irrespective of status, gender, age or affiliation.
  • Was founded by diverse civic society organizations, to provide a means by which the people of Swaziland could bring about a conducive political environment to freely determine their destiny politically, economically, socially and otherwise.
  • Committed to tackling growing poverty and inequalities in the country assisted by the people themselves

What SWADEPA stands for

  • Freedom of Association, Assembly, Expression, movement and the right to self determination to name but a few key components of the bill of rights.
  • Tackling the underlying conditions, which generate systematic and deeply rooted inequality which people experience?
  • Clean and sustainable environment including water air and food to fully compliment the right to life and food security.


  • Participatory democracy in which all people can participate in decision making on an equal basis wherever their interests are affected.
  • Freedom of the press and access to information underpinned by freedom of speech and expression.
  • Equality in political competition, with proportionate resources made available to all parties within the political system.
  • Reject the use of force, intimidation and violence as a means of achieving political aims in a democratic society.
  • Reject all forms of corruption in political and public life.
  • For dynamic positive role for the state working through responsive and accountable public institutions at local and national levels in expressing the democratically determined public good.

Role of the STATE

  • The State should be an enabling , civilizing and bonding force
  • The State is central to the creation and distribution of wealth through the investments, development and management of the country’s assets and resources.
  • The state is responsible for the provision of effective, high quality and accountable public services, regulation of markets for the public good and a fair taxation system.
  • The state should promote and facilitate that all men, women and children enjoy basic human rights, including the right to land entitlement, adequate standard of living to proper levels of health-care and education and to employment without any form of discrimination.
  • The State should ensure that there is competitive public sector, responsive to the consumer needs.
  • The State should ensure that it lives up to all international, continental and regional covenants to whom the country is signatory.

Monarchy, Culture and Tradition

  • We subscribe to a Constitutional Monarchy that will co-exist with multi party democratic system of government that can positively contribute to the growth, development and stability of Swaziland for the greater public good and nationhood.
  • We advocate for the promotion of culture and tradition as a trademark of the nations identity.
  • We regard culture as dynamic as such should respond and adapt to evolution of change.
  • Where culture and fundamental rights conflict, fundamental rights should prevail.
  • Culture should be voluntary, and should not be imposed and enforced with impunity.
  • Culture and tradition should not be used as a political tool for manipulation.
  • Culture and tradition should not be used to impede advancement, development and progress in anyway, but must be developed to add value to the nation.

Modernity, civilization and development:

  • We are in a global village that is not static; scientifically, educationally and otherwise, as a member of community of nations, we commit to adapt responsibly to all progressive international programs that add value to our nation and country without undermining our values, traditions and identity.
  • We believe in academic excellence and technological advancements without  undermining the values of our nationhood
  • By virtue of being in a global village and a member to various economic blocs internationally and regionally, we cannot avoid being competitive in our pursuit for a Swaziland that is to be an investor destination, but in doing so, we have a responsibility of balancing and taking into account the interests of the stakeholders.