Founding Declaration – SWADEPA

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SWADEPA Founding Declaration 

We the Swazi Democratic Party (SWADEPA) established by the broad based civil society organizations, composed of business sector, church organizations, informal sector associations, workers, youth, traditionalists, small scale farmers, various social movements, students, academia, Diaspora, the self employed, retrenched, unemployed, People with disabilities, the marginalized, professionals and the ordinary citizen in the country.

Inspired by the love, responsibility and patriotism towards our country and people;

Recognizing that Swaziland belongs to all who live in it.

Acknowledging that Tinkhundla experiment has dismally failed to serve the people of Swaziland with the dignity they deserve;

Realizing that the current system lack the key principles of democracy i.e. the Separation of powers, multipartism to guarantee checks and balances and opposition within government and free exercise of human rights and civil liberties.

Convinced that this system of government needs a complete overhaul by the Swazis themselves dialoguing through their representatives with a view of finding a lasting solution.

Acknowledging the full value and importance of the institution of the Monarch which also include chiefs as its baseline structures.

Accepting that Monarchy can co-exist with the political parties within a constitutional democracy;

Appreciating that the King as head of state be revered and be placed above politics and general day to day role of government, but  serve as a symbol of unity and nationhood

Believing  that citizens of Swaziland irrespective of social status, colour, age, gender or beliefs must enjoy the free exercise of the right to self determination in full respect of all fundamental freedoms including in particular, freedom of Association, Assembly, movement and expression.

Call for a political environment that unconditionally respect all international, continental and regional treaties to whom Swaziland is signatory

Acknowledging that lack of good governance and multiparty democracy has led the country into the brink of economic collapse, political, judicial, constitutional crises and social strife which we find ourselves in today

Convinced that as true patriots we cannot stand, stare and only lament, but have an obligation as responsible citizens to engage in dialogue with all concerned citizens through their representatives to find lasting solutions to the current economic and political bad governance.

Conscious of the dilemma we find ourselves in, mindful of our rights and obligations as citizens, remain determined to achieve peace, stability, freedom, social justice and the dignity of person through dialogue without fear of intimidation.

To this end therefore the constitution should be the starting point for the all inclusive national dialogue.

The current crisis firmly dictate that there is need for an unconditional all-inclusive National dialogue to brutally interrogate without fear of intimidation and victimization on how best to turn around the economy on one hand, whilst simultaneously engaging decisively on the political dispensation debate that will lead the country to a multiparty democratic dispensation on the other, to rescue the country from the brink of collapse which can otherwise be avoided for the greater good of our country Swaziland.

We the Swazi Democratic Party herewith solemnly declare to serve the people of Swaziland selflessly without relenting with commitment, respect, honesty and diligence whilst upholding the traits, values and principles that boarder on integrity in our Endeavour to achieve the aspired goals in taking the country forward and view ourselves as part of the solution in finding a lasting solution to the challenges facing the country now and beyond.