Broad call for political change in Swaziland

Press Statement
Broad call for political change in Swaziland
Representatives from pro-democracy organizations in Swaziland met in Manzini on 16-17th March 2015.
The meeting gave room for very amicable and fruitful discussions. The participants recognize that the organizations may have different opinions on many issues and different ideas on how to work for change, but we all agree that in order to improve conditions for the Swazi people it is essential to have individual freedom, multiparty democracy and rule of law.
The representatives of the organizations decided to continue their discussions on a regular basis and to work together on joint activities.
We call for:
• The urgent need to take necessary measures to regain AGOA status for Swaziland
• All-inclusive national dialogue
• An independent and functioning judicial system
• Registration of political parties
• Improved conditions for vulnerable groups: Women, youth, elderly, people with disabilities, minorities
The participating organizations affiliates to:
• Constituent Assembly (CA)
• Swaziland Coalition of Concerned Civic Organisations (SCCCO)
• Swazi United Democratic Front (SUDF)

SWADEPA – Swazi Democratic Party

SWADEPA  – Swazi Democratic Party

Since SWADEPA does not yet have it’s own website I’ve created this site, where you can find information and documents about SWADEPA

You can read more on wikipedia -.SWADEPA

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